I have been searching for a warm, slightly sportive, and a sustanable parka in every shop and every web page. I thought it would have been an easy task- but I was so wrong. I like a lot Fjällräven's Greenland Parka in the pictures but IRL it is not warm enough. I would be ready to pay for a Canada Goose- but I just don't like the models. I even had a salesgirl get to me 3 diffent sizes of 3 different colours in all models to try out and I anyway thanked, smiled and left the shop. I checked out North Face, Napapijri, Peak Performance, Colmar, HH, Henry Lloyd, Barbour, Blauer, Houdini, Marmot, Haglöfs, Boomerang and well yo name it- all brands I could find around Stockholm. I googled and googled and then I fell in love with this amazing Parajumpers parka, which happens to be surprise, surprise some 5 year anniversary special edition with rabbit and racoon fur, leather details and costs more than one months rent. Ok. So if I have it like for forever and if it is really warm and amazing- why not invest in it? The problem is that not a single shop in Stockholm sell it. I would need to buy it online and I am not really sure I should, considering. Oh, what incdible problems there can be in developed countries on a Sunday afternoon.

We watched Django Unchained yesterday, by the way. I liked the movie- as I like any movie of Tarantino (Even though they always contain scenes that I don't dare to watch) but for me it was not so spectacular or amazing as I expected. The twists and shocking turns were already the theme in Inglorious Basterds. Don't get me wrong- I liked this movie more than anything I've seen lately. I love it that I could have pushed pause at any point and the stilled frame would always look amazing with just great scenery. I laughed a lot and the movie brought up so many conversational topics from history and the brutalnes of people...

What else.
- I read that Ikea has sold over 45 million Billy- bookshelves and I have never had one.
- I would really really really want to travel to Greenland. It should be easier (cheaper ?) now considering that Greenland belongs now to my work district- I am just not so sur how much lighting management is needed there :) but I will definately work on it a bit :)
- Marimekko has a red bowl I never heard of, which makes me feel as such an outsider from Finland.
- I love the new 30-20-10 cycling class at SATS- it's like made for me, who is unpatience and like cycling. And I hate ABSolution- it's more like a breakdance class for invalids than abs training!
- I think 50 shades of gray is such a bullshit book. How can it be so popular? I could recommend so many other books which would be more deep and smart and as sensual as that one. Even though I think Ryan Gossling should be Christian Gray in the movie ;)

Have a great start on your weeks and relax this Sunday evening! For me it means a spinning class, sauna, dinner with Fra and a Skype session with Martina.

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