My Weekend in Instagrams

So, we flew to Milan last Friday. To keep keep the body hydrated while flying (I really hate the dry cabin air, even if I hate even more the price of water on airports) I bought a water among these cute bottles.

Up in the air I finished 2 unread books so afterwards in my boredom I photographed the sky with different apps. First one is an instagram and second is a snapster from the exact same view.

That was Friday. Oh, there were some dinner and good conversations as well. But they are not on film.

On Saturday morning I sang Happy Birthday in 4 languages to Fra and on Saturday afternoon I wanted to go to my favorite icecream place to have roasted pistachio. It is heavenly.

The weather was nice so we took a nice walk around the Navigli area. I photographed all kinds of signs and texts.

One thing that amazes me incredibly are the roof terraces in Italy. The house can look shabby as hell from the outside but then there can be wonderful terraces and inner yards like fairy tale forests.

After the afternoon moment it was time for a whole night Birthday Party. Mika, Fabio and Fra hosted it together at a nice place that was decorated with tons of Vespas. We were about 60 people there even if so so many declined because of a flu. It was a great night :)

On Sunday after breakfast Fra and I went shopping for all the things that are amazing in Italy and terrible or just unfairly expensive in Sweden, like coffee, cheese and Marseillais soap.  

...Then we had some tea at Giovanni's and Sonia's and the babybump's place...

...We also went to Noemi's (Fra's sister) and my favorite shoe shop Cenerentola (Cinderella in italian) to get her a gift card as a birthday present :) On the way I saw many cute bikes, like this one:

I also photographed some cute texts written here and there. Like this one "Amore, 6 (sei) la mia vita" that means "Honey, you are my life". I was wearing a dress from Twist & Tango for the Birthday celebration lunch at Fra's grandparent's place. We celebrated also his brother and sister with a bunch of great food.

Then, on Sunday evening we flew back to Stockholm and here we are.

Those were this weekend's instagrams.

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