Your Song

Oh what a week. Too filled with all kinds of things. I am so incredibly happy that it is Friday tomorrow and I can spend tomorrow evening in Milan, in 25 degrees celsius, in ballerinas and with a bunch of great people. I am actally celebrating 5 birthdays so I'd better get packing- 5 gifts are hard to fit.

Oh, and the sausage in the picture? I see it every day on my way to work and I always wonder what happened to the middle part.

Other things:
Cool shirt, huh?
- I have noticed there are mostly blue iPhone apps
- Iina gave me a hint about Smash, and now I can't watch anything else...
- I saw today an ad for an apartment with a 40 square meter balcony. I would kind of want to move now.
- I was yesterday at a hairdresser after a 4 month pause. My hair was parted in the middle, that I never have. It looked cool. For the 2 hours it lasted.
- I really want a dog.


Anonymous said...

jee, kiva että tykkäät smashista :)!

Saara said...

Joo, opn ihan koukussa :D