Vacation 2012 Italy, roadtrip

After some birthday celebrations and other fun in Milan we started our 4000 km roadtrip around Italy. Because it is too heavy to just drive and drive we decided to take it easy and on the way to the south stop in Perugia:

The annual Perugia Jazz festival had just ended so the city was tired and silent. That's why we spent some more time in one of UNESCOs worl heritage sites, the religiously famous Assisi (the sister town of Bethlehem)

And stayed the night in a farmhouse close to Chieti. The place was spectacular! 

The next day we drove even more south, to the Puglia region and to the city of Gallipoli. On the way we stopped in The White Town, Ostuni. 

We slept in a tent for 3 nights in Gallipoli and noticed we are too old and not poor enough for that lifestyle so the next 2 nights were spent in a hotel by the sea :) Puglia has the most amazing beaches so swimming was on the menu. In the evenings we ate in restaurants were the staff fished the fish in front of our eyes. BUONO!

During these days we also met our Italian friends from Stockholm, went to some sagras (special italian festivals with food, music and dance), visited Otranto, Lecce and Santa Maria di Leuca. One evening we ate sooooo good food in Lecce in the cutest garden restaurant:

We spent then one night in Taranto, in an amazing spa hotel!

And then we continued to the other coast, where we visited Naples, the Vesuvio vulcano and the agent city of Pompei. I have always been warned not to go to Naples under any circumstances because I will be robbed within 30 seconds. I have to say that Naples is for sure a very ugly city, chaotic and dirty, filled with rats but I don't think it's so bad. I didn't feel a single time that someone could have robbed me. In Barcelona for example I had hands reaching for my stuff all the time but in Naples nothing, nada. The traffic instead was incredibly terrible. It seemed like every single person from Naples wanted to die in traffic that day.

Anyway, it is sooooo weird that Naples is so ugly even if it is situated to one of the most amazing places: the Amalfi coast.

We stayed for 2 days there, swimming and driving around the tiny roads to see the amazing view. We could also see the island of Capri:

After these days we started to drive more north. We went to check Costa Concordia, the ship that is lying in the sea outside Isola del Giglio and stayed in Lerici for one night. The next day we visited The cities of Cinque Terre, swimmed in Recco and ate foccacia in Camogli. Then we returned to Milan to change the car to the motorbike to visit areas more north...

I also need to take my 5 film rolls from my Fisheye lensed Lomo to the shop to get the rest of the holiday pictures.


iinis said...

Ihana reissupostaus :)

Anonymous said...

Oj,allt ser så ljuvligt ut. Jag saknar er, kom fort till Finland.
Här är också sommar och fisk i havet.....kram mamma

Saara said...

Iinis: voi kiitos :)

Mamma: du måste lära dig att ha tålamod, som du har sagt till mig hela min barndom :)

Charlotte said...

It look amazing!! När kommer ni till Finland?

Saknar dig!
Kraaaaam <3

Saara said...

Pyppe: skrev till dj pà FB :) KRAM!

Charlotte said...

Tack! Låter grejt!! :)