This week

Sudoku is a must to get good ideas on airplanes.

Yesterday I worked in Skåne, in a city called Landskrona. I really love these working days where I can spend the day somewhere else than in the office. Especially in Skåne, where they speak my absolute favorite Swedish dialect. I think I am much more creative when I sit in an airplane and stare at the clouds :) Then it feels so luxurious again to return to the office and power through all ideas...

This week has anyway been a bit odd anyway. Meetings with a lot of new people, Wednesday was a holiday (The National Day of Sweden) and yesterday evening we had a summer party with my colleagues. Fra has been in Italy all week and it has rained until today.

Odd was also my taxi ride yesterday. My driver got excited about my nationality and told me everything he knew about the Second World War, the Cold War and the Civil War and the Witer War... :)

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