Yesterday Fra and I went to Jerry's and Pasquale's home to watch the Italian game together with Betta, Giuliano, Giuliano's colleague, Stefania and Martina. So to repeat: a North Italian with a bit of south blood, 5 South Italians, a Finnish girl, a Swedish girl and a man with Iranian backround but Swedish at heart in one and the same room watching the game from a screen..... But with the emphasis on these 5 South Italians. Can you imagine what a noise that was when Italy made 2 goals???

Mamma mia.

And once again it was prooved that the world is so small. As it happens, Pasquale and Jerry lives in an appartment that I wanted to rent last November! So I had actually been in their home before! And they had heard of me as "the other one who is interested in renting it". And Stefania has lived in the same staircase as where we live now! Incredible. And Martina's best friend is our neighbor.

Anyway, we had a great evening, great in the way you can only have with Italians. We ate delicious pizza, drunk a lot of beer, everything being so totally chill and superfun. We also had the best limonacello I have e-ver drunk. Pasquale's mum had made this supergood crema di limonacello of these special sweet lemons that only grows in their hometown in Avellino.

I have already ordered a barrel or two of it :)

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