I took one day my globe, started to spin it, closed my eyes and thought "where my finger will land, there we will spend the next summer vacations". It landed on Siberia. Dangerous game, I would say.

I came back to Stockholm on Monday evening. I had so much work to do so I haven't had time to really do anything blog-worthy. (Haha, what a word). Except one day I read a funny sentence that I wanted to share:

"Yes, living on Earth is really expensive. But hey, the price includes a trip around the sun!"

Then I started to feel that pain again. That pain that I was so familiar with: the next wisdom tooth, that is. My whole cheek and neck hurt, I couldn't eat on that one side, my mouth was red. So I had a hard decision in front of me: should I go working to the biggest Lighting Fair in Frankfurt with this pain? Or should I pull it out and be a bit dizzy, sleepy and feeling a bit sick from all the antibiotics and not really being able to eat because of the stitches?

The cutest sign outside an Italian restaurant where my colleagues and I have been having lunch a few times.

I decided to take out the tooth, which happened yesterday.
Today I fly to Frankfurt.
And I look again like a hamster, with a huge swollen cheek. I could try with "hey, this is fashion in Finland!" and nobody will know :)

Stockholm this morning. It was spring and now we got winter again. A good reason to go to Frankfurt as well.

I wish you all a great weekend!

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