I had a really painful tooth operation on Thursday so my weekend was spent eating smashed fruits and painkillers and watching a bunch of movies. I tried my best to just relax and not think about the pain. Luckily I had Fra here for the weekend to take care of me. We did the puzzle together, Fra put my furniture in order and then we took some short, calm walks in the sun to get some fresh air. I got the idea of photographing the things I saw or liked and the ones he saw or liked to make a Saara's and Francesco's weekend picture collage.

Here is my weekend in pictures:

And here is Francesco's weekend in pictures:


Anonymous said...

kiva postaus :)
hali, i

Saara said...

kiitos :) :)

Charlotte said...

Kyra på dig! Kramis

Saara said...

Tack Pyppe :) Det går sakta men säkert :)