10 things that makes me happy

this is a story about the 10 things that first comes into my mind besides the obvious like love, family and friends.

to find old furniture on flea markets
i love old furniture and even more when i find a piece that looks abandoned, lonely and dirty but i know that i can save it and make it look really good.

that table is an excellent example.i luuuuuuv it. i wonder for how long time my mum will keep it before i can inherit it...

when a photograph turns out to be great
i have many visions on how i want some certain pictures to turn out but i am still not good enough to adjust the exposure and the lens aperture to easily get what i want... however, even if it is after many tries, i get really happy when a picture turns out to be what i saw in my head :)

a soap bubble in barcelona- a picture where i wanted to get the transparency and the form of the soap bubble caught on film and i feel i got it to look like it looked in my head :)

i know i sound a bit hippyish now, but i am truly happy when i feel the nature surrounding me, like listening to a calm sea, walking in the forest while picking mushrooms or experiencing some natural phenomena.

pouring out dried lava from my shoe on Etna, not many months before she erupted again.

museum shops

i know this is very much becky brandon nee bloomwood but i really love all museum shops. the best one so far has been the bauhaus museum in berlin. but i have to say that Kkasma in helsinki isn't bad either.

outside the bauhaus museum shop in berlin

to be spontaneous

we just talked about this with jenni in dornbirn. how much we love the south european style, where you can just pick up your phone, call someone and do something spontaneously. in finland we were both too used to plan weeks and weeks in advance with our calenders on when and where and for how long time we can meet our friends.

one evening i said to fra "can we go to monaco? i have never been there and i wanna see if it is as posh as they say" and the next morning we drove there. here we eat lunch in the car :) but that was a great trip that continued for a few more days in nice and the best thing was that it was so spontaneously done.

good movie kisses
i could watch them over and over and over again.

Dear John has a great kissing scene.

stars in corsica
this is one of the greatest experiences of my life. giovanni, sonia, fra and i were on a very low-budjet trip last summer. we packed tents and swimming suits on our motorbikes and drove around corsica. one afternoon one of the guys remembered that it was the evening of the falling stars. so we bought good wine, bread, tons of goat cheese and fig marmalade and went to an abandoned castle, ate, lied down next to each other on our backs and saw several falling stars :)

can you see those shadows of people in the right corner? anyway, that's were we were.

rockstar diaries
my all time favorite blog. it just makes me every day so happy.

i know it is a bit creepy- that people who blog "know each other" through internet, but this is 2012 and i get really happy reading about this supercute family, especially the stories about their dog :)

feeling inspired
my job is really technical and i very often miss the more creative part. i used to write novels and letters and stories every day. i used to knit and sew. i painted the walls in my childhood room like all the time. now i have these cravings for that feeling to be inspired and just make things! haha, time to get a hobby? :)

I made this top years ago just because I felt really inspired of the sentence "money can't buy happiness but it can buy marshmallows" :)

morning coffee in bed.
it simply just makes me very very very happy.  

half a cup of espresso, half a cup of steamy milk and a tea spoon of honey, that's my morning coffee like :)


Anonymous said...

Oj, man får så massor av energi när man ser på din blogg. Man liksom inte riktigt vet varifrån man skall börja inspirera sig själv......
Du är så söt! Vilken ungdom!!!
Annat var de på 1960-70 talet.
Kram mamma

Saara said...

mamma, man kan inte säga "annat var det på 60-70-talet!!!" det säger bara gamla tanter!!!!!!! men tack, själv r du ju så inspirerande. bamsekram!

Anonymous said...

Ja, jag menade att det var jättefin tid då också, men så helt annorlunda ljuvligt.
" en sak är viktig = kom ihåg att lära dina barna att skriva och räkna med penna på papper, oberoende om man får använda datamaskinen på lektionerna i skolan och eller hemma. Basta cosi"

Anonymous said...

"10 things that makes children happy".
- kärlek
- kuri
- kamrater
- kunskap
- kreativitet
- kasa sanning
- kubikmeter omsorg
- kramdjur och frisk luft
- kräsliga hobbyn och
- kärlek ännu mera

Saara said...

hahahahahaha :) :)

Anonymous said...

ihanaihana postaus! teki minut iloiseksi :)

Saara said...

voi iinis, nyt sä taas teit mut hyvälle tuulelle :)

petra said...

ihana =)

Saara said...

petra: :)

Jenni said...

Ihana postaus. Made me happy. :-)

Saara said...

Tee Jemppis samanlainen itsestäsi :)