Fra and I went to Ravensburg for lunch on Saturday morning. We have visited Ravensburg many times before and I really like the small city. It is so cute and tiny with a lot of nice clothes & shoe shops and all the towers surrounding it gives a particularly nice feeling :)

But something we had never done before was to visit the Ravensburger museum, you know the brand that does all the jigsaw puzzles and boardgames and children's books? This time there was a free entrance so we decided to visit it, as it felt like something you have to do. We actually bought a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces as well, because it felt like something cool- to have a Ravensburger puzzle bought in Ravensburg.

But the museum was nice, with a bit of history and many rooms where to play the games. We actually played a few rounds of memory :)

The first version of Ticket to Ride- a game we play a lot in my family.

 The cool "memory art" i the memory game department of the museum

An old memory game. So retro.


iina said...

Tosi kauniit kuvat tuossa muistipelissä :)

Saara said...

mäkin tykkäsin kovasti ja olisin halunnut ostaa jonkun tollasen menory-version mutta eihän niitä tietenkään ollut myynnissä :(