...So, when I came to Austria I had to spend some time at the aiport of Stockholm, because my flight was late. I fly often with SAS because they have always had a good reputation. I have to say that they are fastly loosing that reputation because SAS has been late for all the past flights I've had.

Anyway, the only thing I could do was to eye some books at the book shop. I checked the memoirs... but didn't find anything inspiring, I checked the fantasy chic flicks but I had read all (haha, what does that say about my taste in litterature) and I finally found the right shelve. 

There was this book by Ellen DeGeneres and I didn't even know she wrote books. I noticed this was already her third. I been checking out her talk show from Yuotube for years and I knew this would be a good entertainment for the plane ride. And it was! It is hilarious and I laughed out loud several times during my flight. I will definately read the 2 first ones as well!

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