London, Baby.

I was in London yesterday. Unfortunately not to do some shopping and seeing the city. I was there to talk to my colleague and to learn from him; which was really nice that also :) We had actually a superefficient day.

So superefficient that when I got to the airport I just had to walk a bit in the shops before my flights. Just to not feel too work oriented :) And I am happy that I did it; because there is never ever a possibility anymore these days to buy woolen sweaters for a cheap price. a) all shops sell some acryl+mohair rags or b) the woolen ones cost A LOT. But Zara had sales and I found a nice scarf and a 100 % Cashmere sweater for almost nothing :)

Then, as I am weak for chic flicks I just had to buy a new book (I have about 20 unread ones waiting for calm Sunday afternoons...) and the book is really funny. Half of the book is the story about the guy in the relationship and the other half is the story about the girl. About the same weekend. At the middle you have to turn the book up side down and turn and read the other version :) The idea is cool (it gives it something extra) and the story has been good so far :)


iina said...

onpa vinkeä idea :)

Charlotte said...

Intressant bok, kan jag kan få låna den? :)

Saara said...

iinis: on, aika hauska :) kun vielä saan molemmat osuudet luettua, tiedän oliko se hyvällä tavalla suoritettu idea :) miehen osuus nimittäin loppu silleen äkillisesti ja nyt on enää muutama kappale naisen osuutta jäljellä jotta siaisin tietää, että oliko lopussa enemmänkin.

Pyppe: Det får du så gärna :) Den är ganskka stor så jag skickar den inte till dig med posten- du får låna den när vi ses :) Kram :)