My Favorite Pictures from 2011

I am checking out my own blog for what I have done in the past year and it is crazy. I am so grateful for all the amazing people I have met from all around the world and all the great places I had the possibility to visit. 

In just one year I have been in Venice, Padova, St. Margherita, Milan, Recco, Como, Brunate and Sicily in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, Ulm, Lemgo, München, Stuttgart, Ravensburg in Germany, in Finland, in Corsica, in Stockholm, Malmö, Landskrona, Göteborg and Umeå in Sweden, in Oslo in Norway, all over Austria. All over Switzerland.

I have experienced new things. I have been in a celebration for a catholic priest. I have snowboarded in the Alps. I have drunk beer at Oktoberfest in München. I have picked figues from a figuetree in Sicily, I have celebrated weddings, farwell parties, birthdays and the Independence day. I have seen a marmot, Europes biggest waterfall, my first boxing competition and I have been dancing with a 90 year old on the beach. I have seen a lot of fallen stars. I have been camping. I have been crying a lot. Laughing even more. I have moved from one country to another. I have changed my job. 

I have been in love.

Here, my favorite pictures from 2011. Completely random order.


iinis said...

ihana postaus <3

Saara said...

kiitos muru :)

iina said...

ou mai, muru! olen otettu, että käytit sitä sanaa :)

Saara said...

Se vaati ison vaivan mutta tiesin sun arvostavan sitä ;)