Triumph Bonneville

So, I have been wanting a cool and easy motorbike. Nothing Asian, nothing too heavy and a bit old style and corky. I saw this model-like girl drive a Honda Cb 500 in the centre of Milan, with a fashionable Vespa helmet and a mini skirt and I instantly knew that my idea is amazing and not stupid :) So, now I want the motorbike in the picture, a Triumph Bonneville in white. I think it could be called "Bunny". My Vespa was Julle, my streetbike Wallu, my car Gulle but the Bonneville in white has to be a Bunny-right?
...when I win the lottery...

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84tigers said...

Hi, I randomly came across this and I'm not sure how old this post is, but I just got the exact same bike and I absolutely love it. If you haven't gotten it yet may I suggest that you do, because it is fantastic!