What happens when 4 Finnish women drink must?

So… yesterday Pirjo, Jenni, Reetta and I jumped on our bikes and went for a ride. We drove in the country side, on small roads, close to horses and flower fields. We had a great time and the weather was perfect.

We arrived a while later at Mostparadies in Schwarzach. I had never heard of these kind of places before. Some family have on their property an area where you can buy and drink the must they have made, in this place they also had some goat cheese. It is like a bar, but more familiar and homey.
So we sat down and tasted the first drink, aperol and must. We talked, laughed and had a good time. We took the next thing only must and mustradler. Good and nice and the conversation continued. Everything was great and we had a nice time. But then. Then, we had this:
Kirschwein. Cherry vine. And I don’t exactly know what happened after that drink but the camera is filled with pictures like these:
And for some weird reason Jenni and I went away from the area into a house to check out a disco ball. I have still no idea what that house is. But we saw a disco ball from outside and we wanted to check what it is. Darkness came and we couldn’t see the road so I got this brilliant idea that if Jenni takes pictures of the dark road the flash will show us the way. Hmm…how many pictures of the road is there in her camera?
We started to bike home in the darkness…. And for some reason Jenni wanted to be a tiger. So we had to stop a few times to let her be one. And we also had some gymnastic pauses. And I was wondering for a long time why the sky has black lines. Before I understood that they were electrical wires.
And at some point I have sent a textmessage to Fra and the message says “ups” and I have no idea why :)

The rest I will not tell you due to moral censorship, but be aware of the effect of must and cherry vine :)


Charlotte said...

Hahaha :D Låter som en härlig tjejkväll!

Saara said...

jepps :) det var nog helt jätte roligt :) fnittrar ännu också :)

Anonymous said...

Mikä postaus!! :-D


Saara said...

Mikä ilta!! :D