Oktoberfest 2010

Yesterday Fra, I and some friends from München visited the 200th Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a 2 week long festival held every autumn in München, in Germany. 

We arrived early in the day, so we started by visiting the city. I admired all the beautiful buildings and noticed that München has to be a great city where to shop! I mean, all brands you can ever think of were just there. In front of your nose. I have to take my girlfriends and mother there for a shopping spree. With beer thirsty men I didn’t even mention my need of checking out the clothes :)

We went to a famous biergarten for a beer. In a biergarten you sit by wooden tables, eat some saussages and sing drinking songs and drink beer, naturally. There was a lot of fun but after 1 liter of beer we continued our way to the real Oktoberfest area.

The Oktoberfest festival area is like an amusement park, with all the amusement park machines, the food, the candy, the show. In the back of this area, there are big houses, one house for each beer brand. You can buy beer in 1 liter glasses and german traditional food. A band is playing traditional drinking songs and everyone is having a good time. So did we.

The funny thing is that all Germans wear traditional costumes to the festival, so the place is packed with med in leather pants and women in dresses.

At some point in the early night it started to rain and when the place looked like this:

And my feet were starting to be so wet that there was not even a point to keep up the umbrella any more,

We went dancing. All 7 of us. We drunk more beer, talked about cultural differences, work in Europe and danced. Oh boy, that booty got shaken. Great night.


Pyppe said...

München är en härlig stad!! Jag tyckte också om den massor. Och faktiskt bra för shopping ;)

Laura said...

kul :)

Saara said...

Pyppe: Brabra, så vi vet vart vi kan åka sedan när du är här :) Pratade du med Martina?

Laura: :) jepps :)