Thoughts about interior

May I present my apartment.
This is my “wintergarten”. A small room with a good view. I am planning to have there a nice sofa, which can be made to a bed, whenever I have guests. When I don’t have visitors I can sit and read on the sofa enjoy. So I also want some big lanterns on the floor and the whole mood to be very relaxed. I guess the colours will be very warm and soft. Something in this style:
My bedroom looks like the wintergarten, it has the same tiles and white walls. The style of the bedroom will be a bit shabby chic and the colours very fresh. I have noticed that I sleep best in an environment with light blues, white and beige colours. This room will have a bed, wardrobes where I can hang (I really want to hang as much as possible) the clothes and a big mirror. I want it to consist of only a few things, so that it always looks tidy and that it feels fresh and comfortable. Something like this maybe:
This is my living room/ dining room and kitchen area:
I want to separate by mood and colour the living room area from the food area. The kitchen, the dining table and the chairs will be wooden and white. I want them to be re-paintable, in case I will get tired of white. Otherwise I want to mix the white wood with colorful textiles in red and turquoise. The living room will not have sofas, but divans. The colours in beige and brown. I will also have a book shell in this area:
I want to built something like this to have in the middle of the kitchen, as a separate table

In the kitchen I want to have a dining table that I want to build by myself (maybe with some manly help..) and I want to buy a bunch of old wooden chairs and paint them white. I want to sew some colorful pillows to sit on and I want to make the table with colorful china.

My bathroom looks like this:
and it will be very golden in a Greek goddess, Versace kind of way...

And the toilet. No idea. It’ so small. It will be as empty as possible:

Then there is still the garden...
My garden will get some trees, bushes and flowers, a table, chairs and a barbecue, the whole show, but I think that will be a project after the winter, as I guess I need to put my money first on the most relevant things. 


Pyppe said...

Hej! Vitsi din bostad e fin!! Med går och allt! Super lyx :)

iinis said...

hieno asunto, toivottavasti pääsen pian käymään :)!

Saara said...

Pyppe: tacktack, snart får du se den live ;) Ge mig bara lite tid att skaffa några möbler till :)

Iinis: kiitti :) odotan kovasti sun visiittiä!!!