Hot Summer in the North

My mum had bought me a couple of cute espresso cups to my espresso cup collection :) Of course we had to try them immediately :) It was by the way lovely to visit Finland, because it was so hot there! Here people have started to use boots and jackets and scarfs. In Finland the people were wearing summery clothes. Something like this:


Kwil said...

what a lovely spot! i could sit there with espresso all day. getting wired.
that is crazy that there are already boots and scarves being pulled out of storage. as much as i am looking forward to fall and fall-wear, i certainly don't want to rush summer out the door. i'll keep her around for a few more ;)

Saara said...

Hey Kristy! It's from my parent's place in Finland. I love to visit and just sit and stare at at the sea :) and I so agree !