Dagens Outfit. Austria update.

Ballerinas: NewYorker
Kjol: boutique i Italien
Tröja: Zara
Topp: H&M

My life in Austria has been for the past days a true rollercoaster.

I have been contacting all good apartments I have found to be rented. I have had the opportunity to see a few terrible ones as well as I have gotten phonecalls ”don’t come in an hour to watch the apartment, we rented it already”. But today. Oh, guys, today. I found just what I’m looking for. The perfect house. It is a big apartment with completely new materials, new kitchen, new shower, bathtub. It has an inner yard and a parkingplace. It is perfect. I hope I will get it!

I had a difficult time getting a phone operator provider to accept me as their client. It is not common to have prepaids in Austria. No. They want to make 2 year deals and draw the monthly fee from your bank account. Ok, the prices are low and you always get a (good, new) phone to use with the sim-card. The problem is just that you need an Austrian bank account AND you have to have lived in the country for 3 months. I haven’t. At the 5th company I found a prepaid and now I have finally a really cheap deal :) So if anyone wants my number, comment or mail me and I will text it :)

Does bank accounts cost in every other country than Finland?! Anyway, to open a bank account here is not like in my home country (where I have 3 accounts and not paying anything for any of them…). No. Here you have to be accepted as a client. I had to show them my work contract and prove that my salary is good enough. When this was done, I was offered drinks and all kinds of credit card deals etc… weird.

But I so love it here. The mountains are too beuautiful. The people are so kind. The weather is amazing. The food is delicious. My job is great (I invited people today to a meeting and tomorrow I will inform them on things. Hihi, funny. Me. Keeping meetings.) and I am still in the state, where all tags in the grocery store looks superdesigned, where all street names sounds new, where all restaurant menus sounds fascinating and where all clothes shops seem cheap and fashionable.

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