Austria, my new love

The view from my hotel room

My past week in Austria has been amazing. Even though I have been going crazy without a proper Internet connection! Here is anyway some news from here :)

Internet: I have of course a computer and an Internet connection at work but everything fun is blocked, like facebook, blogger, all blog sites actually etc… at my hotel the Internet doesn’t work and they have been ”fixing it” for a week now. It feels really weird to be so isolated from the virtual world, I use to be on the fun webpages for many hours every day… now I anyway found a wlan, to surf for a while :)

Work: I like my office a lot. I have been walking to the office (why? See ”Car”), which is so great. I can see the high Alps on my left side and the cows on my right. The cows greet me every morning with a nice ”Ammmuuuu” as well as all the people scream ”Guten Morgen” and waves their hands. My tasks have been quite challenging but I like that. On my 2nd day at work we had a summer party at my bosses place (with about 40 people), everyone drinking beer and laughing and eating and having a blast. The boss hugged me and said that he thinks I fit perfectly our team and that we will get good results. That was after he heard me teaching drinking songs to the guys in swedish :) !!
Walking to work. Notice the tractor :)

The people here: are superhyperintroverts. They (cirka 40 000 people) all know each other and they all have some kind of hate against the rest of the world. Especially people from Wien or Germany. All my collegues are 30 year old men who have attended the same school since they were kids. People speak a dialect that is crrraazy!!! :) It is so crazy, that people from the next village (10 km from here) can’t understand them. Incredible :) I don’t even want to imagine how I will be speaking after a year or so… but even if the people are not very open-minded, they have been supernice to me :)
All people hang out in the town square in the evening. They dress up and meet each other. There are tons of restaurants and concerts. Love it!

My car: is now called ”Gulle” which means Honey/Dear/Sugar in Swedish. My Vespa was called ”Julle” and my motorbike ”Wallu” so it was sure the name should me something like ”Golle” (it’s a Golf) but Gulle is more cute, in my opinion. Nevertheless, Gulle is standing on the yard, without licence plates. In Austria, all villages and cities have their own plates, so I have to get mine from an insurance company nearby. The thing is that all insurance companies have different deals and my lovely new boss is now searching for me the best deal :) And when Gulle is up and running I will start to explore the whole Europe :) One weekend in Milan, one by the ciast in Italy, one is Paris, one in München and so on! :)
Well, if you dont have a car, you can always move in other ways. Here on the way to the Panorama restaurant for dinner.

Living: I live in a hotel, which is okay but it’s anyway not an apartment. I would really like to find an own place soon. Then I can start to decoarte it! Wippiieee!
When it's hot here it's nice to go to the Bodensee lake to freshen up. The beaches are full of nice places...


Pyppe said...

Heeej! Härligt att höra att allt är bra, och att du trivs :) Kraaam <3

Saara said...

Roligt att höra från dig :) Stor Kram!

Kwil said...

This all sounds super awesome!!! What I wouldn't do to be able to travel Europe at leisure!! So lucky!
Your new town sounds really charming.
The landscape is breathtaking.