Mixing colours

I am not a nail polish person. Yes, I like to be girly but I can't really find the time to just sit and wait for the polish to dry. And I like to work with my hands, which usually makes the nail polish to fade away, making the nails look ugly. So I prefer to have something transparent or with a hint of light light light pink. On my toenails, on the other hand, I love red. 
However, yesterday, while I was watching the Royal Wedding (and fyi, crying all the time) I had a lot of time on my hands, so I started mixing my two favorite colours and I was quite happy with the result. Colourwise I mean. The crying didn't really do good for the accurate and posh finish :)


Laura said...

Alltså va, hur mixa du färgerna? :P

Saara said...

alltså först lackade jag rött och sedan med genomskilnig på så blev det röda en nyans "mjukare" :)