Does the movie always have to be really weird to be good?

Iina and I went yesterday eve to check out the new Sex and The City 2 movie. We both liked it a lot.
Why is it so that a chick flick can never ever get good criticism? Does the movie always have to be really weird to be good? Why are the movies that consist of a lot of different fashionable outfits, relationship problems and girl talk always the ones to be hated in the movie world? Why can't they compete in their own category and get critic in newspapers of people who see them as what they are? I am not going to the movies to watch a chick flick and waiting it will be something that it isn't. I go to see a movie like that because a) I want to laugh b) I want to check out nice clothes, beautiful women and handsome men and c) I want to see something romantic.
SATC 2 was amazing. I laughed all the time. I mean all the time! I liked the outfits, the shoes, the hairstyles...I liked what happened in the movie with the characters and the movie was simply good.


Laura said...

Jag tyckte också om SATC 2! Mycket bättre än 1:an, eller hur?? :) :)

Saara said...

javisst, mycket bättre än 1:an!!! I 1:an grät jag, i 2:an skrattade jag :)