Mother's Day

Today we have celebrated our mum. She got tears in her eyes, when Juuso played "Sunnuntaiaamu" that he plays for my mum every mother's day. Dad and Maija put the flag in the pole. Mum got a heart necklace from us and Maija was also wearing red :) 
Flowers are also essential on mother's day. This year they were all white, according to our mum's taste.

The whole family had then a cute brunch with a delicious pie, bruschette, brosciutto e melone, croissant with blueberry marmalade, strawberries dipped in chocolate and a lot of champagne :)

Happy mother's day to all mothers!


Kwil said...

that food looks divine!!!! sounds like your mom had a great day!

Saara said...

Thanks Kristy :) My mum broke her finger last friday and had her hand in a package, so when she wasn't able to cook anything I wanted to make all of her favorites :)