Buttons, pearls and angels

I have had some projects these days. Yes, I admit, I have also been enjoying the sun to full extent but in the early mornings before the beach weather, I've got some other things done. Let's start with the flea market. My mum and I went to take a look at old furniture and I happened to find exactly what I have been missing! A pair of jeans, a bit broken and dark grey colored. I have been wanting a pair, just like the ones I bought, to be worn with light pink ruffle shirts :) 
They were lacking a button and as I started sewing a new one I found some pearls in the button box that I added near the pocket :) Talking about pearls, these were the ones I bought in Austria:
As I was going through the button box, I found some old Kalevala buttons, my grandmother's old ones. I will now take them with me to my apartment and check if they would look good on my white cape!
When we were at the flea market in Porvoo, we also visited Våga. I had taken back a necklace that had lost colour and I got to choose a new one. I chose one with a longer chain and with an angel on it :) The length looks quite nice with summer dresses and proper shirts (that I have to start wearing at my new job in Austria).


Emma said...

Hei mahtavaa onnea, sait siis sen tyòn?

Saara said...

Joo :) kiitos :)