A relaxing day

I was going to go to Germany to have an interview for a few days but because of the volcanic ashes I'm still in Finland. I decided to spend the day at my parent's place hanging out with Maija the dog and my dad. We took a walk with Maija and noticed that every where we looked over the sea, was still icy.
But I got happy because I saw a lot of flowers already. For lunch I made some salmon sandwiches and put them in a basket with some beer and chocolate and dad and I enjoyed them on the sauna stairs by the sea.
Maija is such a silly dog that I had to put the life west on so that she wouldn't run out on the thin ice and drown.
Anyway, the afternoon was lovely. Now I've seen some movie with Fra (we watch the same movie and call on Skype laughing when something is funny), eaten dinner salad with my dad and soon I am going to actually enjoy the sauna, not only sitting on the stairs :) A perfectly relaxing Saturday, it turned out to be.

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